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To access pages in the member’s library, click on a BUTTON below and when requested, please enter your password – forgotten the password … no problem, ask your sensei or go to CONTACT … complete the form and include your full name, and the name of the dōjō sensei, … the password will be emailed to you.


Member Feedback to the Senior Executive

  • Members Feedback Form re ASJJ

What is happening in and around ASJJ

  • Next General Meeting
  • Next training camp
  • Next grading camp
  • Next coaching accreditation course
  • Details on the criteria for each level of accreditation
  • Copies of minutes – Annual General Meetings

Constitution, Statutes and Regulations, Tournament Rules

  • ASJJ Constitution
  • Rules of grading
  • Member protection policy
  • Tournament rules

Admin – Forms – Application

  • Request a copy of the Senior Kyu Curriculum
  • Complete and Application for Dan Grading


Techniques and Papers

  • Kime-no-kata
  • Judo info – online dojo

Techniques – Video

  • ASJJ – Tanto Goshin-kata
  • ASJJ – 6th Kyu Goshin-kata … this has been modified within the new curriculum
  • ASJJ – Jo-kata
  • ASJJ – Renkoho-waza

Interesting Website Links

Accredited Dojo Masters Library

  • Accredited Graduate Members accountable for a branch school of Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia
    • NOTE – the password for this section of the Library is different to all other sections of the library

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