The Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans (ASJJ) has a history in Australia that dates back to 1906 … Detailed in the pages of this site are many reasons for choosing to learn Jujutsu as a student or graduate member of ASJJ … here are Six (6) of those reasons

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  • 1.  Coaches (sensei) within our schools are guided by the most senior exponents of jujutsu in Australia. Ranked between 4th and 9th Dan with over 250 years collective jujutsu experience.

  • 2.  Published in four documents, as members progress they receive a complete training and grading syllabus detailing and guiding the member through each grade level. These include a wealth of information to assist in gaining a true appreciation for jujutsu.


  • 3.  All ASJJ coaches are accredited under the National Coaching Accreditation Program, previously administered by the National Sporting Organisation for all Jujitsu and related martial arts.

We invite you to come along to one of our schools and take a look, or contact us for more information …


  • 4.  You will be taught a system of jujutsu that is relevant, realistic, reliable and retainable, developed through a modernisation of the old ways … while still retaining many aspects of the traditional.
  • 5.  The ASJJs system is based on the key principal of giving way to a force so as to: blend with, lead with control, and neutralise that force.  This is particularly important in meeting the specific needs of all students: men, women and children.
  • 6.  Our school provides the opportunity for members to continue their learning far beyond achieving a Black Belt … where many schools may only offer recognition within their  dojo … within the system of ASJJ you can be confident progressing through the ranks will bring you international esteem.

A special invitation: if you are currently running a jujutsu / jujitsu school or considering starting-up a jujutsu / jujitsu school and could be interested in an alliance with Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans … Learn More →


  • … Our Annual Training Camp for 2022 is still to be confirmed due to Covid-19 … Past camp PHOTO’s are now on the 3D Gallery Page–Grandmaster, Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans

  • … Applications for 2022 1st Kyu and Dan Gradings are now invited to be submitted on or before the next AGM for consideration by the Black Belt Council.  –Grandmaster, Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans

  • News Update:  ASJJ Members – Annual General Meeting will be on 3rd April 2022, the minutes of the last AGM are available in the Members Library …  –Grandmaster, Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans

  • … WCJJO World Sport Jujitsu Championships – Following the successful championships held in Orlando Florida USA August 2019, and due to delays with Covid-19 the next championships will be hosted in England July/August 2023 –Grandmaster, Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans

  • … The ASJJ Tanto Goshin-Kata – description and video are available within the Members Library … also included in the library are video of the Renkoho-waza, and other kata. –Grandmaster, Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans


Congratulations to Conrad van Dort, plus earlier Adam Jarrett and Suzanne Foster in attaining Nidan and David Murray, plus earlier Pamela Halim and Greg Newton in attaining Shodan


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