Second 5-years to 1969

  • 1965 – meeting 29/01/65 – Gordon Griffiths recorded as in attendance.
  • Carried – approval given to the Society’s newly established Headquarters Dojo on Princes Highway, Engadine. However, Engadine club would choose at the AGM not to continue as the HQ dojo.
  • Carried – that a Women’s committee be established.
  • 1965 – AGM 25/06/65 – Roger Quick recorded as in attendance (future President),
  • At this time there were 27 masters within Australia, on the Black Belt Register.
  • July BBC – Bar system replaced by Degree’s; Confirmation Pastmaster’s degree only conferred by a unanimous vote of the Black Belt Register for many years of constructive service in the promotion of Jiu-Jitsu in Australia; Confirmation on increasing time lapse between each Degree.
  • 1965 – meeting 24/09/65 – Adopted a New ASJJ Constitution.
  • 1966 – February 25th – Resignation letter from Patricia Harrington regretfully submitted on medical advice due to ill health. Accepted at meeting February 29th and letter 12th March to Pat signed by Hike Heneghan (President) with deep regret and extended sincere appreciation for her devotion and the tireless effort as secretary. Ken Hooper appointed acting Secretary.