A Timeline of our History

The history below is an extract of research into the ASJJ archives correspondence and minute books, together with gathered reports and early newspaper articles. This for the benefit of graduate members in their continued journey towards higher grades and in the hope our history will be preserved for many years to come.

Roger Quick – Kudan Grandmaster.


ASJJ History

First martial art demonstrations

Visiting Japanese Navel Training Vessels 23 1878 to 1935. The first was Tsukuba visiting Brisbane and Sydney in March and April 1878.

Fukushima and Okura come to Australia

Cecil Elliot and Robert Young brought Ryugoro Fukushima sensei with Jinkichi Okura from Japan – Demonstrations at Mr R.F. Young’s School of Physical Culture, Angel Place Sydney. Where we believe Fukushima was then employed until 1909.

Ryugoro Fukushima
Ryugoro Fukushima

Ryugoro Fukushima was born 1885 arriving in Australia at age 21. After 1909 he toured Australia and New Zealand until 1914.

During which Fukushima travelled the wrestling circuit under the name Ryugoro Shima and went on to become the Australian Lightweight jujitsu wrestling champion.

Leonard Noyes

Len born in England 1903, immigrates to Australia with family, departing London on the on S.S. Noresman and arriving in Sydney on 14th January 1914.

James Sharman

Date not confirmed. Leonard E Noyes under the name Sid Neil, in his early years also travelled the wrestling circuit and was a member of the touring James (Jimmy) Sharman (1887 – 1965) Troupe.  This could have been where Len first met Fukushima, later becoming a student and writing he was befriended by Fukushima sensei.

Jujitsu at Bjelke Petersen’s

Fukushima – teaching at Bjelke Petersen’s 1917 to 1923. Returning to Japan in 1923 where he became a physical instructor for the police.  This prior to The Great Japan Earthquake of 1923, which delayed his return to Australia.

Fukushima returns to Australia

During 1933 Fukushima returned to Australia and between 1934 – 1935 he conducted wrestling and Jujitsu classes at a venue in Pitt Street Sydney. In 1936 before moving to New Zealand he grades Len Noyes to the rank of Black Belt 3-bars.

Fukushima moves to New Zealand

Arriving in New Zealand as a visitor, Fukushima opened a gymnasium in Christchurch. At this time Fukushima was commonly known as Ray Shima. He would latter apply for and be accepted for New Zealand citizenship and was granted naturalisation in 1939. Ryugoro Fukushima died in Christchurch at age 72 on 3rd June 1958.

Mercury and Oatley NSW Clubs

During 1938 Len Noyes founded at the Bjelke-Petersen Academy of Physical Culture, the ‘Mercury Jujitsu Club’ and in 1951 open the ‘Oatley R.S.L. Judo & Jujitsu Club’.

Southern Cross Club

Wallace (Wally) Brown Founded the ‘Southern Cross Judo and Ju jutsu Club’.