Assessment for the rank of Black Belt and above is conducted by an independent grading panel of masters.


 Ryugoro Fukushima

The following past and current members having fulfilled all the conditions prescribed by the Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans have been admitted to the masters degree detailed
NameHighest Grade
Achieved within ASJJ / KJA
Year of
Leonard NoyesFoundation Master1st President ASJJ
Ted Stromeier9th Dan2004Life Member; Grandmaster
Wallace Brown5th Dan1961President 1963 (6-months only)
Bruce Johnson1st Dan1960member
Harry Abel1st Dan1960member
Eric Steele3rd Dan1962member
Michael Heneghan9th Dan2004Life Member; Grandmaster / Pres 64, 66, 78, 79; 1st Pres BBR; Director (Executive Council) 2012
Patricia Harrington1st Dan1962Life Member; Secretary 60
Geoff Breen1st Dan1962member
Jan Moolhuyzen2nd Dan1966member
Dale Thompson2nd Dan1962member
Maxwell Turner4th Dan1963President 1964
Peter Caldwell1st Dan1963member
Brian Rolfe1st Dan1964member
Paul Lombardo1st Dan1965member
Ben VanDerburg1st Dan1965member
Jim Venour4th Dan1970Past State Rep Western Australia 1965
Maxwell Blake1st Dan1965member
Raymond Hutchinson5th Dan1980Life Member / 1st Secretary BBR
Eric Bruce1st Dan1965member
Alan Hudson1st Dan1965member
Willhem Kramer1st Dan1965member
Colin Scott1st Dan1965member
Patricia Marshall1st Dan1965member
Clive Hartcher1st Dan1965President 1973
Sergio Dubrovich1st Dan1965member
Ken Evans1st Dan1965member
Cor La Maitre1st Dan1965member
John Lawrence1st Dan1965member
Alexander Marshall1st Dan1965member
Richard Myer1st Dan1965member
Robert Walker1st Dan1965member
Lawrie Whiteley3rd Dan1975member
Alan Atkinson1st Dan1966member
Brian Williams3rd Dan1975member
Lionel Exell3rd Dan1969Past State Rep Victoria 1969
Sydney Brooksby7th Dan2015Life Member; President 68-72; 74-77; 80-82; Director (Executive Council) 2012Yes
Gordon Griffiths7th Dan2004Life Member; General Secretary; Public Officer; Director (Executive Council) 2012Yes
Desmond O'Donnell1st Dan1968member
Laurie Oliver5th Dan1969New Zealand Rep – NZ Jiu-Jitsu Association
Les Harnos4th Dan1974Regional rep 1969Yes
Jack Bailey2nd Dan1971member
Roger Quick9th Dan2016Life Member; Grandmaster; President 1986 to 2012; Executive Director 2012 to current Yes
Robert Bolch3rd Dan1975Past State Rep Victoria
Fred Beale1st Dan1970member
Gary Taylor1st Dan1971memberYes
John Chaplin2nd Dan1980Past State Rep WA
J L Bristow1st Dan1972member
Graeme Bodger1st Dan1972member
Adrian Strath3rd Dan1982Past Rep Vic MA Council 1980
Bo Rasmussen1st Dan1975member
Philip Hinshelwood2nd Dan1984member
Wayne Moloney1st Dan1980member
Vince McCann6th Dan2015Life Member; Past State Rep NSW; Director (Executive Council) 2012
David Freeman1st Dan1984member
Ronald Urban2nd Dan1987member, Past secretary
Philip Laukens1st Dan1985member
Ross Miller4th Dan2011Past State Rep Victoria; Director 2013
Paul O'Donnell1st Dan1985member
Garry Hill2nd Dan1991member
Doug Hawkins1st Dan1986member
Terry Evans2nd Dan1986member
Terence Bernutt1st Dan1986memberYes
Greg Bridge1st Dan1986memberYes
Terence Arthur1st Dan1987member
Robert Bromwich1st Dan1987member
Larry Papadopoulos5th Dan2018Director 2013Yes
Ferenc Juhasz1st Dan1988member
Paul Girkin1st Dan1989memberYes
Rechichi Marco1st Dan1989memberYes
Lisa-Jane Garland1st Dan1992member
Malcolm Cook3rd Dan2018memberYes
Whitten Ian1st Dan1993member
Wayne Eddy1st Dan1995member
Albert Ferraloro1st Dan1995member
Lynne Quick5th Dan2018Director 2013, Life MemberYes
Fred Wright3rd Dan2015member
Anthony Patruno2nd Dan2008Past State Rep NSWYes
Conrad Van Dort2nd Dan2019memberYes
Steve Darke1st Dan2005memberYes
Ben McMahon1st Dan2008member
Soon Neo1st Dan2011memberYes
Simon Davis1st Dan2011memberYes
Brendan Van Haaster1st Dan2011memberYes
Adam Jarrett2nd Dan2019memberYes
Suzanne Foster2nd Dan2019memberYes
Alex Stadnichenko1st Dan2017memberYes
Pamela Halim1st Dan2019memberYes
Greg Newton1st Dan2019memberYes
David Murray1st Dan2019memberYes



Guided by our detailed syllubus, all members are encouraged to progress through the ranks and strive to achieve their Shodan (Black Belt) and progress beyond to the higher Dans.
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