Invitation to jujutsu / jujitsu teachers

We extend this invitation to anyone who may be currently running a jujutsu / jujitsu school or considering starting-up a jujutsu / jujitsu school, to consider the benefits of becoming part of Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans.
The philosophy within the Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans, is to provide a structure and system within which sensei’ may develop a personal style reflecting individual differences in the way of responding to situations.
Within ASJJ we have the ability to progress members beyond Shodan and establish independent grading panels to oversee all Dan gradings … while candidates are required to demonstrate many specific competencies for example particular nage-waza, kansetsu-waza etc; in the application of those specific competencies the candidate is accessed on the success of the application of their knowledge and skill.  By example an aggressor attacks you with a front strangle or chases you with a knife … what we look for is the ability to successfully counter and control the aggressor.  There is no specific total solution that has to be adopted.
As our students advance beyond senior 4th Kyu we teach that they keep an open mind when responding to a situation, and that to engage with a mindset that you have predetermined your response and strategy is to overlook the possibility that the opponent(s) may change their direction of attack and or type of aggression.
It is at these levels, if not earlier, students are introduced to the sciences influencing human movement and perception.
… If you would like to gain a deeper understanding, or investigate further this invitation, we invite you to contact us and we can sit down and together look at what benefits we can offer.